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Welcome to my website. If you’re visiting this site, you or a loved one is probably suffering from emotional, psychological or behavioral problems that are interfering with life goals and causing emotional pain. I believe that no problem is hopeless, although it may seem that way to someone in the midst of their suffering. Often, people who come to me have been treated for years by various clinicians without getting results, without having made effective change. 

I am an experienced and expertly trained psychotherapist for adults, having attended Columbia University and worked for years at New York Presbyterian Hospital Westchester Division, one of the most renowned

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psychiatric institutions in the world. Working and training in the rigorous academic environment at NYP, the teaching hospital for both Columbia and Cornell Universities, I have built a wealth of experience and expertise, from which my clients directly benefit.


My approach to treatment is goal directed and change oriented. I provide evidence based therapies that have been proven, in numerous clinical trials, to be effective in treating a range of disorders.  I specialize in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), which you can read about on this site. I also provide Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for a number of different disorders. Most of my patients, when they “stick with the treatment”, get significantly better. 


I look forward to hearing from you. It is a joy to help people transform their lives!

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